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Cleaver Greene is a brilliant attorney capable of working miracles for clients whose less-than-spotless reputations complicate their defense. Cleaver is presented with a case he can’t resist when a world-renowned economist is accused of cannibalism. Cleaver and Barney take on the case of a woman who made headlines by seducing a juror for information after her daughter was found guilty of murder. A bad day only gets worse when Cleaver is confronted with a front-page story calling his nemesis David Potter a hero. Cleaver takes on a case defending a once-famous but now homeless artist who is accused of murdering a year-old male prostitute in a city back lane. A doctor’s life is turned upside down when his briefcase is stolen and a very incriminating DVD finds its way to the local police. Attorney General Joe Sandilands is ambushed in a radio interview by a shock jock about gang violence and the rape of a young girl. At one of their regular swingers’ parties, Mick Corella’s wife, Kirsty, runs into an old school friend, who is found dead the next day. Defense attorney Cleaver Greene’s personal life is an ongoing disaster, but he still pursues his cases with tireless resolve on behalf of his clients. Never out of the headlines for long, Cleaver is caught having an affair with the premier of New South Wales, making himself an enemy of her husband.

Online dating is a pole dance with danger

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Amati’s barrister Charles Waterstreet explained how his client could have “She would shame them online if they wouldn’t go through surgery,” Ms after going to Tinder, Amati met up with two women, one her Tinder date.

THE Instagram post that brought the wheels of justice to a halt on the eve of a high-profile murder trial, and the colourful barrister who will fight the contempt allegations. Barrister Charles Waterstreet denies he posted the Instagram image that sparked a legal meltdown. Source:News Limited. SYDNEY barrister Charles Waterstreet could face jail if he is charged with contempt over the Instagram post that brought a major criminal trial to a halt this week. The eccentric legal eagle will be investigated by the Supreme Court registrar over an image which he denies posting on the social media app, which resulted in the murder trial against his client Glen McNamara being formally vacated just days before it was to get underway.

The pair stand accused of murdering university student Jamie Gao last year in an alleged botched drug deal at a Padstow storage unit, and have both pleaded not guilty. While the image that brought the trial to a halt — and its caption — cannot be published, news. Mr Waterstreet became a household name as the inspiration for the television show Rake that aired from until last year.

Contempt of court is a crime that can attract a custodial sentence, however Mr Waterstreet is yet to be charged with an offence — and denies posting the image or accompanying caption on Instagram. Archibald Prize winner Nigel Milsom shares a close bond with his subject. Source:News Corp Australia. Mr Waterstreet also sat for the late Adam Cullen, whose portrait of him was a finalist in the Archibalds, and now hangs in his apartment. The barrister represented Cullen in a drink-driving and firearms matter not long before his death.

When Rake first aired in Australia, Mr Waterstreet delighted in having his eccentricities brought to life on the small screen.

The Tale of a Town

Something is seriously awry in Cleaver’s world. His practice is booming. Barney is thriving. Kirsty has bought him out of the restaurant and he is falling deeply in love with Felicity who, despite Cleaver is retained for a low rent tawdry sex offense, but the Royal Commissions that have decimated David’s front bench mean that even barrel-bottom Cleaver Greene is getting lots of briefs. Watch the trailer.

High-profile Sydney barrister Charles Waterstreet has defended agreeing to appear on of sexually assaulting two women he met via online fetish forum Fetlife.

A WOMAN who met a Sydney businessman via online fetish forum Fetlife begged him to stop hitting her, using the safe word “Red”, a magistrate has been told. But the woman agreed while her police statement, made seven months later, referred to using the word, she did not mention having said it that night in earlier posts or in an online article. She was one of two women who gave evidence via video link in the Downing Centre Local Court on Monday at the committal hearing on sex charges of Liam Gordon Murphy, 42, who referred to himself as he “The Wolf” on the website.

In December last year, a court heard that Mr Murphy was part of a Game of Thrones -type world where adults explored the boundaries of their sexuality and achieved pleasure through pain. Mr Waterstreet said the law applied but in an atmosphere where there was a “pantomime of pleasure and pain”. Mr Waterstreet said evidence indicated the relationship between Mr Murphy and the first alleged victim included requests by her “to be really scared, to be really punished”.

She told Mr Murphy he didn’t rape her in text messages before she went to police and Mr Waterstreet wants to question her about those exchanges during the March committal hearing, he said. He also wants to ask about her relationship with another man, and whether he hypnotised her some time before she made a statement about Mr Murphy to police.

Mr Murphy, who his lawyer said was “the most popular man on Fetlife”, was charged in with three counts of aggravated sexual assault and one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm in relation to the first woman. He was further charged in with sexual intercourse without consent after a second woman made a complaint. Mr Waterstreet said he wanted to cross-examine the second alleged victim at the committal hearing about whether she was in a master-slave relationship with another man when she went to police.

Mr Waterstreet said Murphy lost his well-paid job at a well-known company and has been unable to work as an employee.

Law student claims Sydney barrister pulled out sex toy during ‘job interview from hell’

On The Beach Rollicking language from High Court prospect Something old at the new ACT drug court

Dating online internationally is fraught with danger. This time I Charles Waterstreet may be a jack of some trades, but he is master of none.

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They replaced the old long tables in the dining area.

List of Old Boys of Waverley College

Nina Funnell and Chris Graham report. Ms Wilks answered the ad in and was subsequently offered a job with Mr Waterstreet. Since then, more women have come forward to New Matilda alleging inappropriate sexualised behaviour during job interviews with Mr Waterstreet. Mr Waterstreet has previously taught law at UNSW, and bragged about sleeping with students during his time as their lecturer.

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Charles Waterstreet defends Q&A #MeToo panel appearance

The date for beginning the bridge replacement project is now July 29, The aged and crumbling Water Street Bridge is in its final days as a work of engineering that still fulfills a vital purpose: namely, transporting thousands of vehicles daily across the Saucon Creek, between Hellertown borough and Lower Saucon Township. The year-old span will be closed beginning Monday, July 29, so a long-planned replacement project can commence. The two-lane steel I-beam bridge is being replaced because it is both structurally deficient and functionally obsolete.

The bridge will be closed for two months beginning July 29 for the construction of a replacement span. The contract for the new bridge has been awarded by PennDOT to Kriger Construction of Dickson City, Lackawanna County, which will have 60 days to complete the project—barring any delays caused by inclement weather—or face penalties, borough officials said.

Richard Roxburgh has moved to clear any link between his character in Rake and real-life controversial barrister Charles Waterstreet, after the.

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Tell that to the Hariri family in Lebanon, whose Prime Minister father was mysteriously killed by a bomb while the Syrian Army was in charge of Lebanon. Bombs can be quite hot you know.

The man who inspired Rake: What we’ve always chosen to ignore about Charles Waterstreet.

A young transgender woman says she has no recollection of attacking three strangers with an axe in Sydney’s inner west after voices in her head told her to “kill and maim” and “start the rise of hell on earth”. Between listening to her favourite song on her balcony and waking up shackled to a hospital bed surrounded by police, Evie Amati roamed the streets with an axe, swinging it at the trio in Amati has pleaded not guilty to wounding Benjamin Rimmer and Sharon Hacker with intent to murder at the Enmore 7-Eleven and attempting to wound pedestrian Shane Redwood with intent to murder in the early hours of January 7.

The year-old gave evidence at her trial in the District Court on Thursday that she had blacked out before CCTV footage captured her walking into the store after 2am with her face contorted into a smile that was not her own. Amati said she’d taken a pill, which she thought was ecstasy or MDMA, with her Tinder date Mickila Jahnsen and two others and spent a number of hours drinking and playing a truth-or-dare mobile game.

A WOMAN who met a Sydney businessman via online fetish forum Fetlife His lawyer Charles Waterstreet said the disputed incidents in

Thank you for signing up. Sorry, it looks like an error occurred. I would like to thank the ABC for inviting me to be on the panel. I was looking forward to discussing the topic from a legal perspective, sharing my knowledge of. However, I must be first and foremost guided by my obligations to the NSW Bar Association and the broader legal profession. Mr Waterstreet said he could not remember the interview but denied anything that occurred could be described as inappropriate.

Ms Dutton alleged that early on in the interview, as they were making small talk about themselves, Mr Waterstreet showed her three to four photographs of a woman he claimed was his girlfriend, on his computer screen. Charles Waterstreet. Ms Dutton says the interview lasted about half an hour and ended when Mr Waterstreet said the role was unpaid.

Ms Dutton also claims an assistant of Mr Waterstreet at the time was present in the room during the interview. SBS News has made numerous efforts to make contact with the assistant. She declined to take the role. Ms Dutton now specialises in employment law, acting for victims of workplace bullying, unpaid wages and harassment.

One Water Street

His inclusion on the February 15 panel sparked outrage on social media due to sexual harassment accusations against him by three former paralegals. The controversial criminal lawyer said he could contribute his expertise to the ‘lively debate’, particularly on legal distinctions between sexual harassment and assault. ABC asked him to be on the panel without ever saying why, and the allegations against him weren’t mentioned, but ‘taken as a given’, he said.

AThis is a List of notable Old Boys of Waverley College Sydney, they being notable former commissioner of the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption · Charles Waterstreet, Sydney barrister and author 15 (Online ed.). Short description is different from Wikidata · Use dmy dates from November

When year-old Tina Huang, a third-year law student at the University of Sydney, saw a job advertisement seeking a junior paralegal, she was quick to apply. Then I took them two at a time. Post continues below. And we know that in the last week, three separate women, who have never met each other, accused him of sexual harassment. She informed the ‘flamboyant’ barrister that her “circumstances had changed”, and received an email from Waterstreet in response, published by New Matilda. Waterstreet has developed a cult of personality – a man too smart for his own good, a misfit, quirky, a square peg in a round hole, highly unconventional, a sort of ‘mad scientist’, a tortured creative.

It’s his primary defence mechanism. The allegations against him are, of course, not a joke, although he does a fine job of treating them as if they are. These are the facts. Because while joking? Wilks claims that on her first day of work with Waterstreet, he gifted her an autographed book of nude photos, which featured Waterstreet himself alongside much younger naked women. He also sent content regarding Viagra and pornography, writing that he is, “not in any relationship except with Redtube,” a pornography site.

The allegations do not stop there. New Matilda lists a number of claims, including that Waterstreet would watch pornography within view of his female colleagues, he would send Wilks to pick up his Viagra, and she was required to organise payments for sex workers on his behalf.

‘My Beautiful Penis’: More Women Come Forward To Expose Barrister Charles Waterstreet

Evie Amati stepped into a Sydney convenience store in the dead of the night brandishing an axe, with a bright yellow kitchen knife tucked into her back pocket and a sinister smile plastered across her face. She slipped passed customer Sharon Hacker before stopping to speak to Benjamin Rimmer at the counter, who initially thought the red-handled weapon was a fancy dress prop.

The transgender year-old then ploughed the axe into Mr Rimmer’s face, felling him, before swinging it into Ms Hacker’s thick dreadlocks and leaving the Enmore 7-Eleven on January 7 in She confronted pedestrian Shane Redwood, who used his backpack to fend off two blows, then ran for his life. Amati had pleaded not guilty to two counts of wounding with intent to murder and one count of attempting to wound with intent to murder.

of his colleagues. Starring:Richard Roxburgh, Matt Day, Kate Box. Creators:​Peter Duncan, Richard Roxburgh, Charles Waterstreet. Watch all you want for free.

High-profile criminal barrister Charles Waterstreet may face contempt of court charges for alleged social media posts which had the potential to prejudice the trial of his client Glen McNamara and co-accused Roger Rogerson. Jamie Gao. The trial was scheduled to go ahead on Monday August, but will not proceed until early next year. On Tuesday, as pre-trial hearings were under way, Justice Bellew was told of a post on an Instagram account in Mr Waterstreet’s name, being charleswaterstreet.

The post contained a picture of Mr Waterstreet and another man and was taken in the vicinity of the Darlinghurst Supreme Court. Justice Bellew said he had “no practical alternative” to vacate the trial despite the considerable expense to the taxpayer. He said it was no fault of the court, the “criminal justice system”, the Crown, Mr Rogerson’s solicitor and barrister or Mr McNamara’s solicitor and said each had worked diligently to ensure the trial proceeded efficiently.

However, he would not be able to take on the case until next year. Mr Rogerson’s barrister, George Thomas, argued strongly for the trial to be put back for only two weeks, arguing a competent and experienced barrister who is available to take on the case could get across the brief in that time. He also accused Mr McNamara of instructing Mr Waterstreet to act in a way that caused the case to go off the rails. He also said any barrister taking over the case would need much more than two weeks to get across the volumes of material to be tendered during the trial.

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